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#4 - Talking cancellations

Click by·29 January 2019
In our fourth episode of the Click Podcast we delve into implementing effective policies to establishing good communication with your guests and peers to reduce cancellations – featuring insights from Peter Heule, CEO of Short Stay Group and Fabrizio Salzano, Group Product Manager at

Click. daily update: UK staycations on the rise in 2019

Click by·29 January 2019
Staycations are steadily on the rise, with deals site Wowcher revealing a 48% increase in customers buying UK city breaks. Bath was crowned the top trend destination for getaways, with Brits also rushing to book a trip to Birmingham. Scotland is another hit, with Glasgow and Edinburgh both securing spots in the top five rising destinations in the UK.

Modern romance: how hotels can move with the times

Click by·28 January 2019
Cynics call it the Hallmark holiday, but according to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent over $19bn celebrating Valentine’s Day last year – proving that despite disillusion there’s still serious money to be made.

Click. daily update: Dubai Tourism waives fee to boost industry

Click by·28 January 2019
A mandatory requirement for hotel establishments, tourism companies and event organisers to obtain a public relations officer card prior to conducting industry transactions has been waived by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. Following this, hotels and tourism companies can now submit requests and applications online, saving time and reducing operating costs.

Click. daily update: UK looks forward to Chinese New Year boost

Click by·25 January 2019
As Chinese New Year approaches, the UK is gearing up to host some of the largest holiday celebrations outside of Asia. The nation is expecting a boost in visits from China with forward flight data showing that bookings from China to the UK were up 24% from 30 January to 12 February, compared to the same holiday season last year.

Debranding a hotel in 90 days

Click by·25 January 2019
Stepping out from underneath the branded umbrella can come at a “hefty price”, but it can also have long-term benefits if a hotel plays its cards right, according to Egemalm.

Spotlight on: the evolution of hotel lobbies

Click by·24 January 2019
As well as pleasing staying guests, an enticing lobby lures locals and other travellers, creating a steady revenue stream at times of low occupancy

Click. daily update: business trips expected to rise in 2019

Click by·24 January 2019
According to the 14th annual International Travel Management Study from AirPlus International, the number of business trips is set to rise this year. Of the 777 survey respondents, 45% expect their company to travel more in the year ahead – up 35% from last year and the highest percentage since the global financial crisis.

Click. daily update: Chinese New Year mass migration begins

Click by·23 January 2019
With 2.99 billion trips expected to be made between 21 January and 1 March, up 0.6% from 2018, Chinese New Year (falling on 5 February) tourism is set to be bigger than ever this year. Hundreds of millions of people will travel across China to reunite with their families for the holiday, with the number of train services and other transport options increased to accommodate the massive flow of people.

Spotlight on: fake reviews

Click by·23 January 2019
With the majority of customers consulting reviews before making a purchase, word-of-mouth recommendations can still make or break a business. But paying for a glowing review isn't the best tactic. Click. explores the realm of fake

Click. daily update: Ascott's global portfolio crosses 100k units

Click by·22 January 2019
Ascott’s portfolio has recently been boosted to over 100k units after securing contracts for another 26 properties comprising 4,600 units across 18 cities and 11 countries. This marks a second consecutive year of record growth for Ascott and makes it one of the fastest growing global players in the lodging industry.

What's the secret to a great hotel name?

Click by·22 January 2019
The name of a hotel should work in concert with its brand positioning, which is the tone, personality, design, zeitgeist and target market you seek to embrace. Equally important is that the name achieves separation from your competitors. The name needs to be memorable and tap into something unique in the collective consciousness – the sum of which answers the most important question: “Is this name interesting?”

Click. daily update: Chinese tourists spur growth of mobile pay overseas

Click by·21 January 2019
75% of supermarkets and convenience stores and 71% of duty-free and luxury stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand now accept Chinese mobile payment, according to a Nielsen survey. More Chinese tourists now use mobile pay than cash, with AliPay and WeChat Pay growing in prevalence.

How to find ancillary revenue streams

Click by·21 January 2019
Hotel revenue doesn’t have to be restricted by the number of rooms in a given property. Ancillary revenue is well worth seeking out, and there are plenty of ways to boost income when you’re at maximum occupancy, or to ensure your hotel can stay afloat during the low seasons.

Sustainable tourism in Slovenia

Click by·18 January 2019
Home to the Julian Alps, one of Europe’s most magical lakes, an appealing capital city and even a slice of the Mediterranean coast, Slovenia hasn’t found it difficult to develop its tourism industry since it became independent from the former Yugoslavia in 1991. Visitor numbers have been increasing every year, with a record 4.7 million tourist arrivals in 2017 – up from 11% the previous year.

Spotlight on: the rise of the over-50s market

Click by·17 January 2019
As the population ages, it’s not surprising that the older traveller is becoming a major force in the travel industry. A study by the British over-50s specialist Saga Holidays showed that while millennials (adults born in the early 1980s and onwards) cut their spending on holidays by 5% from 2010-2015, people over the age of 50 increased theirs by 23%.

Food for thought: catering for vegan guests

Click by·16 January 2019
Traditional dairy-heavy breakfasts and meat-focused dinners are rapidly falling from favour as people all over the globe try to reduce their consumption of animal products. Whether for ethical, health or religious reasons, plant-based diets have never been so popular.

Spotlight on: ancestral tourism

Click by·15 January 2019
In just over six years, genetic testing heavyweight has developed a DNA network of over 10 million people, making it the largest in the world, while 23andMe – the first company to offer DNA testing for ancestry – now helps customers trace their lineage to over 150 regions worldwide. While motivations behind testing vary, the market has undeniably sparked new interest in genealogy thanks to the surprising revelations test results can yield.

Tapping into the gig economy

Click by·15 January 2019
The growth of the gig economy has been inescapable. Freelance, self-employed and temporary workers now represent a significant proportion of the global workforce.

What's the appeal of dark tourism?

Click by·14 January 2019
It was in 2000 that ‘dark tourism’ first saw widespread recognition as a travel genre, after Scottish academics Malcolm Foley and John Lennon acknowledged the growing phenomenon of tourist interest in death, disaster and atrocity in their book of the same name.

How to keep running through refurbishment

Click by·10 January 2019
Maintaining facilities is an annual challenge faced by all property owners. As winter is a popular time for a spruce up, Click. learns how several hoteliers keep trading through times of refurbishment

Helping reduce food waste in tourism

Click by· 9 January 2019
The food waste problem is a global issue, and the hospitality sector is a huge contributor. But innovators around the world are fighting for change. Click. explores the digital and analogue solutions to reducing food waste in tourism

The evolution of tech in 2019

Click by· 8 January 2019
Technology has its foot pressed hard on the accelerator. A recent study by Topology Research Institute predicted that the global Virtual Reality (VR) market will grow by 29% in 2019 alone. Google has a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) laboratory opening in New Jersey in January, hot on the heels of its new AI facilities in Ghana and China, while December saw SuperData Research announce that Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) was now reaching 1 billion users worldwide. The future, in other words, is closing in by the day.

Exploring Instagram tourism

Click by· 7 January 2019
With over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, Instagram has become a go-to source of travel inspiration and a contributing factor in destination decision-making. How are properties responding?

Spotlight on: the rise of solo travel

Click by· 4 January 2019
More travellers are striking out on their own, preferring to go solo than to travel with other people. Sometimes it’s just a case of not being able to find a travel companion whose tastes and timings match. But as more people are living on their own, the thought of travelling in your own company becomes less daunting.

Spotlight on: medical tourism

Click by· 2 January 2019
Jordan is well-known for its state-of-the-art, internationally certified and accredited hospitals – so it’s no surprise that medical tourism contributes over 3% of the country’s GDP.


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