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Six Ways to Reduce Food Waste in the Restaurant Supply Chain

Modern Restaurant Management· 2 April 2019
Around one third of all the food harvested and produced across the globe goes to waste. That’s a pretty sobering statistic, especially with so many people going hungry around the world. But new technological innovations are helping companies curb food waste so that they can increase their bottom line and put food to good use before it ends up in the local landfill. From smart thermostats to supply chain analytics, new startups and venture capitalists are focusing on one of the world’s biggest problems.

MRM Research Roundup: April-Fool's-Day 2019 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management· 1 April 2019
This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features some "very interesting" trends the experts at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants revealed on April 1, top emerging brands, biophilic design trends, bad hygiene, restroom cleanliness and LGBTQ workplace equality.

What You Can Learn from Three Weird, but Successful Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Modern Restaurant Management· 1 April 2019
Quite often the large corporate restaurant chains play it safe and stick to the straight and narrow. Every now and then though, a brainstorm will turn into a tornado and everything goes a little crazy. We take a tongue-in-cheek look at three weird restaurant marketing ideas that actually worked. Of course if you’re brave enough, you can try them, too.

How to Grow your Restaurant Business with Data

Modern Restaurant Management· 1 April 2019
It’s a simple fact: Consumers have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a restaurant. For those of us growing our brand, we are tasked with cutting through a crowded marketplace to keep guests coming back.

How to Start Your Own Craft Beer Business

Modern Restaurant Management·27 March 2019
Between 2012 and 2017, the number of craft breweries in the U.S. increased from 2,420 to 6,266 – an increase of 159 percent.It’s no wonder craft beer is so popular. Starting a brewing business is hard work. But we’re here to help.

The Essential Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Modern Restaurant Management·26 March 2019
When it comes to running a commercial kitchen, cleanliness should be a top priority. Patrons not only appreciate a clean kitchen, but the law also requires it. Whether it's traditional restaurants or fast food chains, different establishments must follow foodservice and health regulations to keep their space up to code.So what's essential to keep your kitchen spotless? From daily maintenance to annual checkups, the restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist below has all minor and major tasks you need to do throughout the year.

Tax Tips for the Restaurant Employer

Modern Restaurant Management·26 March 2019
As an employer, you have multiple responsibilities regarding employee tip income. You must maintain the tip reports of your employees, withhold their income taxes and their portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes, and then report all of this information to the IRS, as well as report your (the employer) income taxes and share of Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Eight Operating Cost Rent Issues for Restaurant Tenants

Modern Restaurant Management·21 March 2019
Restaurant tenants are rarely happy with their operating costs; at best, they’re ambivalent to them and, at worst, they’re upset with them. The two issues that most upset restaurant tenants are ever-increasing operating costs and the landlord’s lack of attention to fully maintaining the commercial property.

In Case of Emergency: How to Deal with Restaurant Flooding

Modern Restaurant Management·20 March 2019
he United States is currently experiencing historic flooding from Nebraska to Minnesota to Wisconsin. The resulting floodwater has the potential to damage food inventory, as well as records, equipment and cause structural damage.

MRM News: The Joy of Functional Food

Modern Restaurant Management·20 March 2019
Interest in functional foods continues to grow at a fast pace, according to a recent report from Kerry, with 65 percent of consumers saying they seek out food and drinks with the added benefit of a nutritional boost. Kacy Erdelyi, founder of Joyist, a growing brand of organic cafes, with a location in Montclair, New Jersey, embraces this consumer movement.

Five Surefire Ways to Ensure Consistent Guest Experience at Multi-Location Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management·19 March 2019
Diners expect to be treated as valued guests each time they visit your restaurant. With countless dining options, they’ll have no trouble finding a new favorite if the guest experience doesn’t meet their expectation. This is especially true for multi-location restaurants where a dependable, consistent experience is mandatory at every location.Luckily, there are a few ways to ensure the great experience is consistent across all restaurant locations.

Does Your Restaurant Need New Equipment?

Modern Restaurant Management·18 March 2019
As a business owner, you have to anticipate the equipment needs for your business that will ensure you meet your customer needs and growth goals. Whether you’re baking, freezing, refrigerating or grilling, equipment is a substantial investment, and the inevitable upgrade or purchase of new equipment after a few years can cost thousands of dollars and put a strain on your budget.

Preparing Your Restaurant for When ICE Comes Knocking

Modern Restaurant Management·13 March 2019
Ok, let’s be honest. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) does not knock. They just show up. With the Trump Administration’s aggressive push toward dealing with undocumented immigrants in the workforce, restaurant owners and operators can expect ICE to show up at their establishments more frequently than in prior years. With a large amount of relatively low-skilled workers and a high-turnover rate, combined with record

Satisfy Your Bottom Line with Millennial Parent Loyalty

Modern Restaurant Management·12 March 2019
A restaurant can service many families of millennial households. Young consumers, however, are many times not accounted for during the business strategy process. According to a Goldman Sachs report published in Fortune, millennial families are spending $1 trillion each year on their kids.This demographic represents a lucrative opportunity to the restaurant industry. By improving the dining and restroom experience, with children’s needs in mind, business owners may reap the rewards of millennial parents’ time and money spent there.

Working Well with Third-Party Delivery Apps

Modern Restaurant Management·11 March 2019
Delivery apps are driving the restaurant scene into the fast lane with surging sales and expanding customer bases. Especially in larger cities, delivery apps are changing the way eating establishments are doing business. Anyone with a smartphone now has access to hundreds of restaurants in their area, and with only a few clicks from the comfort of their own home, they’ve got a delivery on its way.

Merge Ahead: QSRs and Cars Connect

Modern Restaurant Management·11 March 2019
According to a recent survey, 62 percent of drivers order food or drinks to go at least once a week, and 71 percent of drivers said it would be useful if their vehicle's infotainment system allowed them to order food so it could be ready for pickup when they arrive—providing users with the choice to avoid lines and reduce or eliminate wait times. Xevo, the connected car tech that powers in-vehicle commerce platform GM Marketplace, has partnered with QSRs such as Starbucks to provide consumers with these in-dash ordering and payment options, allowing them to pay before they arrive, pick up their ready-to-go order and get on the road.

Time for Restaurant Tech Team Ups and Record-Breaking Dash

Modern Restaurant Management· 8 March 2019
This edition of MRM’s News Bites features General Mills Foodservice, Toast, Fourth, Gordon Food Service and Square Roots, Monkey Group and Field Day, Paytronix and Zenreach, Serve and ItsaCheckmate, 360Training and Qwick, BevSpot, Textio and McDonald's, DoorDash and PlantPure Communities.

How AI Can Save Traditional Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management· 8 March 2019
The restaurant industry is evolving quickly as disruptive new business models like food trucks, pop-ups and ghost restaurants take a growing share of approximately $800 billion in total restaurant sales in the U.S. Last year, USB equity analysts projected that online food ordering sales will grow from $35 billion to $365 billion by 2030, an enormous increase.

Getting Your Customers to Come Back: Loyalty Success Stories

Modern Restaurant Management· 7 March 2019
Business owners are well aware of the popularly cited statistic—a five percent increase in customer retentioncan increase revenue by 25-95 percent. With such a significant ROI, motivating existing customers to come back is a priority for all business leaders. In a highly competitive field like food and hospitality, businesses need customers to come back.

Hiring the Right Restaurant Design Consultants

Modern Restaurant Management· 7 March 2019
While there are many talented designers that can design a beautiful space, there’s so much more that restaurateurs should consider when selecting consultants in order to set themselves up for success.The design formula is very specific and surprisingly, we’ve found that the actual design component is the last step in the process.

It's Time to Stamp Out Sexual Harassment in Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management· 6 March 2019
It’s an uncomfortable truth that more sexual harassment claims are filed in the restaurant industry than any other. Overall, the figures make for disturbing reading. Reports suggest that up to 90 percent of women and 70 percent of men experience some form of sexual harassment from managers, coworkers, vendors and customers in restaurants.

Three Steps to Localized Social Marketing Success in 2019

Modern Restaurant Management· 6 March 2019
National franchise brands currently have an untapped opportunity in localized social marketing. While national social pages get touted all the time for witty tweets and engaging content – just Google “Wendy’s Tweets” – local franchise pages actually have the largest impact on brand perception and customer engagement. According to recent research, 70 percent of engagement happens on Local Pages; unfortunately, standard social media marketing strategies often fail to address the complexities of managing and scaling efforts across hundreds or thousands of franchise locations.

F&B Legal Roundup - February 2019

Modern Restaurant Management· 5 March 2019
Pooja S. Nair, a food and beverage lawyer and litigation member at TroyGould PC in Los Angeles, compiles recent legal news affecting the restaurant, food and beverage and hospitality industries for Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine.

Digital Assist: Mobilize Your Food Safety Culture With These Five High-Impact, High-ROI Activities

Modern Restaurant Management· 5 March 2019
In 2018, researchers at Johns Hopkins simulated food-related outbreaks involving norovirus, E. coli and salmonella to calculate the financial impact they would have on various categories of restaurants. The study revealed that a single foodborne illness outbreak at a fast-food restaurant could cost up to $1.9 million, depending on the severity of the outbreak and other factors. For fast-casual formats, meanwhile, the potential financial damage from such an outbreak could reach $2.1 million.

Eight Negotiating Strategies for Reducing Rental Rates

Modern Restaurant Management· 4 March 2019
Restaurant tenants should not be afraid to negotiate assertively on the rental rate. So why do restaurant tenants have such difficulty in this area? Frequently, the answer is a simple unawareness of market rental rates (or the “going rate”) in an area.

Three Effective Restaurant Marketing Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

Modern Restaurant Management· 4 March 2019
Quite often you’ve probably come across a goodrestaurant marketing idea, but put it in the too-hard-basket; it cost way too much money, and you couldn’t be sure the juice would be worth the squeeze. Well here we take a look at Three marketing ideas that won’t break the bank, and will easily increase your profits.


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