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How to Find Your Actual Food Cost

The Restaurant Expert·30 August 2018
Actual food cost is an important number to know because it’s one of the numbers you need to know to find your target food cost. In the most basic terms, food cost represents how much food left your shelves divided by the amount of gross food sales you did for that period, before discounts are removed and not including sales taxes.

Reduce Food Cost 2-3% Overnight

The Restaurant Expert·16 August 2018
How would you like to reduce food cost 2-3 points overnight? How would you like to overcome rising food prices in seconds? Watch this video to learn how to reduce your food cost virtually overnight.

3-Strikes Approach to Managing Restaurant Employees

The Restaurant Expert·10 August 2018
Managing restaurant employees is one of the biggest complaints I hear from restaurant owners (and managers!). Are you like them and tired of walking into your restaurant and wondering how it’s possible that everyone that works for you is an idiot? When is it the right time to teach and when is it the right time to discipline?

Why Company Culture Matters

The Restaurant Expert· 2 August 2018
Company culture matters. Why? Company culture has a pretty big role in determining your success.

Basic COGS Calculation

The Restaurant Expert·26 July 2018
Have you ever wondered what the actual cost of goods sold calculation is for your restaurant? It may be the most important calculation you make in your restaurant. Read further or watch the video to learn why this is true and what the basic cost of goods sold formula is for restaurants.

Stop Your Bartenders from Stealing

The Restaurant Expert·19 July 2018
If you’ve ever wondered how to stop your bartenders from stealing, your answers are in this post. If you don’t think your bartenders are stealing, you definitely need to read this article and watch the video.

Top 3 Tips for How to Run a Restaurant

The Restaurant Expert·18 May 2018
Are you looking for that recipe for success for how to run a restaurant? Here are the top 3 tips for not only how to run a restaurant, but how to run a profitable and fun restaurant.

How to Set Restaurant Menu Prices

The Restaurant Expert· 4 May 2018
Have you ever wondered how to set restaurant menu prices? Have you ever heard the “three-time markup” or average recommendations? I go nuts when I hear those kinds of blanket suggestions. You’re not average! How do you know if your market can handle such a markup? Watch this video to learn how to set restaurant menu prices.

Why Successful Restaurant Owners Never Accept 'I Can't'

The Restaurant Expert· 3 May 2018
Something universal about successful restaurant owners is they never say or accept someone saying to them, “I can’t!” Successful restaurant owners recognize that when someone says, “I can’t,” what they are really saying is, “I won’t.” To get an idea of how powerful this two-word phrase is, picture Superman stopping a train, using all his power, digging his heels into the ground, smoke rising up from his heels. That is what someone who says, “I can’t,” is doing to your restaurant. That person is digging in their heels and stopping your success train.

Why Online Review Management Is Crucial for Restaurant Success

The Restaurant Expert·27 April 2018
Let's start with a basic assumption: consumers read Google reviews when choosing a new restaurant making online review management crucial for your restaurant's success. Let's say a consumer is looking for a restaurant to go to on a Saturday night for a date. He types in 'best restaurants for dates.' He sees the reviews that The post Why Online Review Management Is Crucial for Restaurant Success appeared first on The Restaurant Expert.

7 Steps to Effective Restaurant Manager Meetings

The Restaurant Expert·19 April 2018
Do you have restaurant manager meetings? I’m not talking about the passing-in-the-hall quick conversations, but actual sit-down meetings where you focus on moving the business forward? If you are having sit-down meetings, are they effective?

Top 3 Ways to Cut Labor Cost

The Restaurant Expert· 3 April 2018
If you’re looking for ways to cut labor cost, you’re not alone. Labor is a major area where restaurants can bleed profitability. Why? When the clock goes tick, you owe! For your food costs, if you buy too much food, if it’s not wasted, spoiled or stolen, you can use that food tomorrow. But if you bring in too many people, too early and you’re slow, you can’t tell those employees that the hours they just worked don’t count. This makes it vital to have controls in place to control your labor costs.

5 Ways Restaurant Software Cuts Food Cost

The Restaurant Expert·22 March 2018
I want to tell you that restaurant software cuts food cost. If you use a comprehensive restaurant management software, you can cut food cost dramatically. Watch this video to learn five ways software cuts food cost, or skip below to read for yourself.

Ideas to Grow Restaurant Sales

The Restaurant Expert·20 March 2018
From booking more catering to building repeat business, it takes more than just one thing to grow restaurant sales. You have to do a lot of little things to get them to add up to some measurable sales growth. Here are some suggestions for things you can take action on to change your top line.

Restaurant Prime Cost Calculation

The Restaurant Expert·15 March 2018
What is the restaurant prime cost calculation? What numbers go into the prime cost calculation? Watch this video for an easy breakdown this number, which I call the most important number in your restaurant.

Best Restaurant Software Solution

The Restaurant Expert· 1 March 2018
What is the best restaurant software solution? Why do you need restaurant management software? How do you choose the best software for your restaurant? Do you need multiple restaurant software tools? Is there a software that works for independent restaurant owners and doesn’t cost chain dollars? So many questions! Watch this video for a comprehensive explanation for the best restaurant software solution that is essential to cutting and controlling costs in your independent restaurant.

What Is a Good Food Cost for a Restaurant

The Restaurant Expert·22 February 2018
One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What is a good food cost for a restaurant?” Another common one is, “What is the average food cost for a restaurant?” Here’s the deal – your restaurant is not average, especially if you’re an independent restaurant. You can’t determine a good food cost for your restaurant based on some industry standard.

5 Ways to Find Good Restaurant Employees

The Restaurant Expert·20 February 2018
Do you want to how to find good restaurant employees in today’s low unemployment environment? Are you struggling to find employees? Are you struggling to get employees to stay? Watch this video to learn how to find good restaurant employees no matter what the unemployment rate!

Where to Get Training for Restaurant Owners

The Restaurant Expert·17 February 2018
Do you ever wonder where to get training for restaurant owners that is quality and supportive? Are you looking for the same kind of support the chain restaurants receive from their corporate offices? It is possible for independent restaurant owners to receive training and support. You've come to the right place to learn where to The post Where to Get Training for Restaurant Owners appeared first on The Restaurant Expert.

3 Parts to a Restaurant Owner's Job

The Restaurant Expert·16 February 2018
Have you ever wondered, “What is a restaurant owner’s job?” What exactly is the work you should be doing? Do you wonder how you’re supposed to do it all? The secret is… you need work ON your business and not IN it. Sound impossible? Watch this video to learn how it’s done.


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