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commercial People Awards 2018 shortlists announced! ·10 July 2018
As the UK’s 3rd largest employer, the hospitality industry directly provides jobs for 3.2 million people and created 1 in 8 new jobs last year.

It's Deadline Day! ·25 June 2018
These established and respected awards shine a well-deserved light on your hard work and incredible breakthroughs in hospitality recruitment, development and retention.

Don't delay! Entries close on Monday, June 25th! ·22 June 2018
They are the perfect way to ensure your teams get the recognition they deserve. The deadline for this year’s awards is Monday, June 25th, so enter now.

Entries close this Monday! ·21 June 2018
As a hospitality employer, have you and your team developed new initiatives and programmes that shake up your recruitment strategy?

Get the recognition you and your team deserve! ·20 June 2018
There’s less than a week left to enter the 2018 People Awards. The deadline is 25th June and there are 13 categories in which to enter.

Just a few days left before deadline! ·19 June 2018
Recognising trail blazing work in hospitality recruitment, retention and development, the 2018 People Awards are open for entries until 25th June. Don’t miss your opportunity to showcase your achievements to the industry! There are award 13 categories which recognise all stages of the recruitment process from candidate experience to on-boarding.

Breaking New Ground with In-House Recruitment ·15 June 2018
As a hospitality employer, have you charted new territory in your recruitment strategy? Does your work set the agenda for the future of our industry? Does your team deserve to be recognised for their ingenuity?

Putting Candidates in the Spotlight ·14 June 2018
There are less than two weeks left to enter the 2018 People Awards. The deadline is 25th June and there are 13 categories in which to enter.

Bowling & Karaoke.... ·13 June 2018
Ham Yard Hotel was the place to be last night for top hospitality employers, who gathered for the latest and ever popular Social.

Selfless Service ·12 June 2018
The 2018 People Awards are now open for entries and the deadline is 25th June. Enter now and tell us about your ground breaking initiatives in hospitality recruitment, development and retention.
commercial People Awards 2018 Headline Sponsor Announced ·11 June 2018
In a competitive, skills short market, hospitality employers need a solid supply of relevant applications for their vacancies.

Don't just say it; believe it! · 6 June 2018
The 2018 People Awards recognise the bravest and the best in hospitality recruitment, retention and development. The awards are now open for entries and the deadline is 25th June.
commercial People Awards 2018; what makes a winning entry? · 1 June 2018
The 2018 People Awards recognise the bravest and the best in hospitality recruitment, retention and development. The awards are now open for entries and the deadline is 25th June.
commercial People Awards 2018: what makes a winning entry? ·30 May 2018
The 2018 People Awards recognise the bravest and the best in hospitality recruitment, retention and development. The awards are now open for entries and the deadline is 25th June.

Investing in the Future ·12 March 2018
“We all have a responsibility to encourage positive change. Some people think this whole scheme is too complicated, but it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted. We have to use it to our advantage.” – Rohini Bhattacharya, Head of Apprenticeship Services, Pearson. As the hospitality sector moves into challenging times, employer brand, culture and talent retention will become all-important. The new apprenticeship scheme will help employers but how is the Apprenticeship Levy affecting the UK hospitality industry? How will it benefit the sector? What does it mean to your business?

Scottish Power · 7 March 2018
As the Scottish hospitality industry continues to grow, how do employers attract top talent? The hospitality sector in Scotland continues to boom. According to recent research, the industry employs over 217,000 people, that’s 9% of the working population of Scotland with growth outstripping the rest of the UK by a whopping 7%.

Keeping ahead of the game ·24 November 2017
Recruiting good people is always a step forward, losing talent, however, for any reason can feel like two steps back. It can sap your resources, impact your productivity and directly affect your bottom line. Strong retention is always a good attraction tool. Studies have found that satisfied and engaged employees can be great advocates for your employer brand, both to customers and to future candidates which is a priceless asset in a skills-short and increasingly competitive market. Attracting and recruiting the best talent for your hospitality business is only half the battle, finding ways to keep hold of that talent is an ongoing concern and one which needs to be addressed urgently.

We're not Recruiters - We're Career Architects · 1 November 2017
The UK Hospitality industry employs nearly 4.5 million people, making it the fourth largest sector in the country. Over the last five years, 1 in 5 new jobs in the UK has been within the hospitality industry with a further 100,000 due to be created by the end of the decade. Hospitality employers are facing increasing recruitment challenges, and the long standing skills gap and labour shortage is a key reason.

Hospitality employers adapt to a changing People Awards 2017 ·11 October 2017
With some of the best restaurants and hotels in the world, the UK Hospitality sector boasts amazing standards and quality of service. The industry is one of the UK’s biggest employers, providing jobs to seven percent of the working population and – despite an approaching Brexit – business continues to be strong. It’s a fast paced, ever-changing business with candidates becoming more decisive in what they want from their employers. Applicants are negotiating their own salaries, selecting their benefits and shaping the career path that’s right for them. In addition, the well-documented skills shortage is still being felt across the country and, when Brexit is factored in, hospitality companies have work doubly hard to stay connected and relevant to this new brand of candidate whist still being able to recruit the right people for the job, develop their skills and retain valuable experience. Employers need to utilise inventive methods to attract the talent they so desperately need amidst high competition.

Looking for a Rising Star · 9 August 2017
“We are looking for that Rising Star, the one to watch, somebody who will be a future Leader,” says Esther O’Halloran, Chair of HR in Hospitality. “Our aim is to encourage HR professionals to grow their career and stay in hospitality.” Having been in existence for 22 years and re-launched in its current form in 2009, HR in Hospitality works to provide a forum for HR professionals within the hospitality sector by acting as a central hub for the industry. A Human Resources role is a constantly evolving one, so apart from organising various social and networking events throughout the year, HR in Hospitality offers valuable discussions and talks and the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. These are especially useful to newcomers to hospitality HR, who the association is keen to help and encourage
commercial People Awards 2017 shortlists announced! ·26 July 2017
The UK Hospitality sector is the envy of the world, and rightly so. One of the UK’s biggest employers, the hospitality industry provides jobs to seven percent of the working population. This ever evolving, thriving sector has a constant demand for employees at all levels, and companies work hard to recruit the right people, develop their skills and retain their valuable experience.

Communication, creativity and reliability ·14 June 2017
There are always challenges facing employers. Attracting top talent, retaining that talent and developing the skills of employees are just some of the issues which require constant review. Just because your recruitment strategy was fruitful for one season, doesn’t mean it will continue to be so. The demands of your workforce will change and you need to change with them. One employer who understands this need to adapt is Jumeirah London. Already having walked away with the Rewards & Benefits accolade at the 2016 People Awards, Jumeirah London picked up the double with a more than impressive showing, to win the award for HR Team.
commercial People Awards 2016 - Emerging Talent Initiative · 6 June 2017
In the current climate of skills shortages within the hospitality industry, it’s vital that employers create talent pools and pathways that can secure their future requirements. Nurturing emerging talent equals a positive impact on employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, not to mention savings on recruitment costs. However, what about the view from the other side of this equation? What about the benefits for your candidates? In the best circumstances, it can enrich their lives in ways you may never have even considered.

How to deliver a Michelin-starred Experience ·15 May 2017
It’s the ultimate accolade in fine dining, coveted by chefs and revered by connoisseurs. A Michelin Star is a badge of honour for restaurants worldwide, but how do you deliver a Michelin-starred experience and maintain it year in, year out? hosted a special panel at ScotHot 2017 where Andrew McIntosh, Sales Director at welcomed Michelin-starred chefs, Paul Leonard, Head Chef at Isle of Eriska Hotel, Brian Grigor, Head Chef at Edinburgh’s Number One, The Balmoral Hotel and his Restaurant Manager, Emma Lonie to a packed Spotlight Stage to discuss this topic.

The power of post interview feedback: why even unsuccessful candidates can be your brand ambassadors ·14 December 2016
Interviews are a two-way street. A vital part of getting to know candidates better, they also help shape a candidate’s opinion of a company and its culture. In a brand-conscious job market, interviews are now a dual exercise that can affect the employer brand – and it’s up to employers to ensure that effect is positive.

Learning & Development: integral to recruitment strategy · 1 December 2016
For leading employers, a strong Learning and Development (L&D) programme is a key part of their recruitment strategy. An engaged and better skilled workforce benefits not only the employer but also the employee, resulting in higher retention rates and a more fluent customer service. A good L&D programme can also provide attraction for top talent searching for the right ‘fit’ with an employer. invited leading thinkers and practitioners in hospitality Learning and Development to the Sky Garden at London’s famed Walkie Talkie building on October 5th to discuss what L&D means to them and their businesses, how to use L&D as part of the recruitment process and how to create an L&D offering that best engages and retains employees.


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