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Is Your Restaurant Using Automation in Every Possible Way to Improve Efficiency?

Horizon Hospitality Blog·11 December 2018
As budgets get tighter and the demand for talent grows, restaurants must learn to do more with less. One of the means to achieve this is through the use of automation. Consider how you can employ automation to make your restaurant more efficient and profitable.

Four Companies Innovating Hotel F&B in 2018

Lodging Magazine·11 December 2018
A multi-faceted industry, there are more opportunities in hospitality to innovate, disrupt, and generally shake things up than in other business arenas. Innovating is exactly what hospitality leaders love to do. They incorporate new technologies in surprising ways, create inventive new processes and procedures, and break new ground wherever they go. LODGING recently turned the spotlight on more than a dozen executives and companies making a unique mark on the industry and influencing the course of its future. Below are four innovators in the hotel F&B space.

In Vino Veritas Part LXX: The Benefits of Wine Apps

Hotel F&B·11 December 2018
Deploying technology for all aspects of hotel operations is increasingly becoming a surefire way to save costs, drive revenues and develop richer data on your guests’ behavior. And the restaurant’s wine list is no exception.

Graham Georgetown Unveils Winter Menu, Looks Ahead to Brunch Launch

Hotel Online·11 December 2018
The Alex Speakeasy at The Graham Georgetown has introduced its seasonal food and beverage offerings for the winter. Executive Chef Jose Molina and new Director of Food & Beverage James Lee have carefully crafted menus full of flavorful options, which rolled out November 29. They also will be launching the hotel's first brunch program as 2019 begins.

Most Popular Restaurant Articles in 2018

The Restaurant Expert·11 December 2018
The results are in and our most popular restaurant articles in 2018 are listed below. This blog is a resource for independent restaurant owners, and we appreciate the time you spend reading it and sharing the content with your team.

Don't Be in the Dark About Restaurant Digital Transformation

Modern Restaurant Management·11 December 2018
A “dark kitchen” sounds like the setting of a horror movie. But they’re actually a sign of a powerful trend that’s changing the restaurant sector: the growing habit of ordering on a smartphone instead of cooking. Numerous companies have sprung up to cater – literally – to the soaring demand for meals ordered online for pickup or delivery. It’s a shift that may appear small on the surface, driven simply by our desire to do everything on our smartphones, but these rapidly evolving customer expectations have implications that could reshape the entire restaurant industry.

Native, Bistrotheque and Blok partner for London Warehouse

Hotel F&B·11 December 2018
London Warehouse - an aparthotel concept by operator Native, restaurant partner Bistrotheque and fitness specialist Blok - will open its doors in Manchester during Q1 2019. Situated at the edge of the city's Northern Quarter within a former industrial building, the 166-suite project will feature a lounge, mini-cinema, bar and outdoor terrace, as well as ...

Chicken tandoori: EHL students R&D adapted recipe

EHL Blog·11 December 2018
During their first semester, EHL students participate in a research and development (R&D) class, where they are asked to revisit a recipe.

Expedia Isn't Ready to Invest Big in Restaurant Reservations - Digital·11 December 2018
Expedia has dealt with a ton of distractions in recent years as it acquired Wotif, Travelocity, Orbitz Worldwide, and HomeAway, for example. CEO Mark Okerstrom wants to focus on the basics instead, and doesn't want to take bold steps into dining reservations or food delivery for now. On the other hand, Expedia is a very acquisitive company so never say never.

Restaurants: Use Technology to Keep Up with Walk-Ins, Waitlists, and Reservations During the Holidays

Hotel F&B·11 December 2018
Every year, many restaurant owners find themselves slammed with increased holiday traffic and no action plan in place to keep up. The phrase “I’ll make sure to plan ahead for next year,” gets thrown around again and again, yet when the next year arrives, the cycle repeats.

Villa Italian Kitchen Partners Implements New Data-Driven Loyalty Program and Mobile App

Hospitality Technology Magazine·11 December 2018
Villa Italian Kitchen, a quick-service pizza brand, announced a new partnership with Como, a provider of data-driven customer engagement, to roll out a customer loyalty and engagement program and advanced mobile app across more than 200 locations nationwide.

The best Romanian wines for 2019 according to Gault&Millau·10 December 2018
Gault&Millau launched the first edition of their guide dedicated to Romanian wine, thus bringing to Romania the company’s international expertise in the field.
Article by Kacey Bradley

How Your Hotel Can Have an Outdoor Fitness Center

The Drifter Collective ·10 December 2018
Hotels often feature indoor fitness areas, which may include a small room with treadmills or an entire facility dedicated to weights and heavy-duty equipment. However, hotels and resorts are beginning to think outside the box when it comes to exercise space.Playworld is one company that is bringing workout equipment to the outdoors, especially with their fitness playgrounds for adults and children. Exterior exercise equipment is encouraging communities and businesses to support healthy living. Hotels are joining the shift toward active lifestyles, and guests can pursue fitness during their visits.Fitness TrailsOutdoor exercise equipment can get placed in easily accessible locations so visitors can enjoy the fixtures with ease. For hotels and resorts that spread across expansive property, trails allow fitness fanatics to jog, bike or walk up to the equipment. Visitors can enhance their regular workouts with resistance training or stretching apparatuses. Instead of a simple cardio routine, they can get a full-body workout.The outdoor designs require stable foundations, so each piece needs to get installed in the ground. The equipment should get set up on a properly drained site. Installation can also happen on a new or existing cement base so that adults can put their full weight on the machinery without it budging. The equipment needs an initial grading which accounts for appropriate depth of safety surfacing.While playgrounds are a lively way to get energy out, an age-appropriate fitness area shifts the attention from entertainment to health. Playworld's fitness equipment is specifically for ages nine and up. The equipment accommodates any level of exercise, from athlete to beginner, and a variety of styles helps adults and older children stretch, body-weight train and integrate exercises.Rooftop Exercise SpacesFor hotels and resorts that prefer a rooftop exercise area, the outdoor equipment must have a stable surface which it can get properly secured to. Surface mount equipment can get attached to a concrete pad if it is deep enough to accommodate the structures. To safely install fitness equipment, consult with a local inspector and professional contractors.Rooftops present different hazards than traditional exterior fitness equipment areas, so sufficiently plan for installation and use. Transporting the fitness equipment to begin installation is also different because most hotels do not have sizable elevators or alternate means of moving it to the roof. Lifting each workout apparatus to the roof may include outside help.Multi-Age Fitness PlaygroundsHotels can also benefit from playgrounds with stations for multiple age groups that feature workout equipment. From adults to older children, outdoor fitness playgrounds can promote active lifestyles for hotel guests of several age groups. While children are playing on the playground, adults can move too.With equipment designed by fitness experts, the stations offer creative ways to tone muscles and heighten athletic ability. The safety measures are thorough, but some facilities use cushioning underneath the playground equipment to add extra support and reduce the risk of injury.Along with multiple age groups, these fitness playgrounds also allow users of different abilities that may be at your hotel to enjoy activity and play. In light of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Playworld considers unique mobility needs and different conditions for all-around inclusive fun.Static vs. Interactive EquipmentHotels can purchase interactive and static equipment to complete their outdoor fitness area. Static equipment that does not budge when guests use it such as a step exercise station provide support. Interactive equipment such as a recumbent bike move in response to users actions to offer dynamic capabilities. Also, outdoor static and interactive workout equipment are built for changing weather conditions.The equipment material is strong and can continue servicing hotel guests for years. Each is designed to withstand weathering, but shade can help keep the equipment cool and dry. Because warm climates can heat up the equipment, Playworld provides several light color options. However, the range of colors also allows for hotels to select whatever option suits the establishment's color scheme.Equip Your Hotel With Outdoor Fitness EquipmentExterior workout equipment is the next step in furnishing hotels with fun and interactive fitness options. Appeal to a wider group of people who want to work on physical fitness with fitness playgrounds or trails. Draw guests outside with a variety of outdoor workout supports to change how they think about hotel fitness areas.

Grubhub Trends: Goodbye Avocado Toast, Hello Brownies?

Modern Restaurant Management·10 December 2018
Bean burritos, brownies, poke and cauliflower were among the top food "surges" of 2018, according to Grubhub's annual "Year in Food" report. Grubhub analyzed millions of orders placed by more than 16 million diners on its platform and surveyed consumers across the country on their ordering tastes and eating habits.

How 'Gen Food' is Shaping the Future of Food

Hotel F&B Observer·10 December 2018
FleishmanHillard's Shaping the Future of Food study was conducted by its TRUE Global Intelligence practice, which conducted an online survey with 2,001 nutrition-forward consumers September 14-20, 2018, and evaluated drivers related to food, influences and behaviors. Respondents were screened for engagement on such factors as seeking information about food, sharing content about food, and paying attention to ingredient lists.

The 27 Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Modern Restaurant Management·10 December 2018
Would you like thousands of new restaurant customers and a $277,547+ revenue increase for the next year?Yes. Placepull found some brands have seen increases far greater than $277,547 in additional revenue using these ideas. All you have to do is learn these top 27 restaurant marketing ideas and you’ll see reduced costs, more customers, and higher profits worth $277,547 or more per year., Neighborhood Restaurant Group Partner to Enable Diners to Order Via Text, Amazon Alexa

Hospitality Technology Magazine·10 December 2018, designer of integrated customer service solutions, and Neighborhood Restaurant Group (NRG), a collection of independent and idiosyncratic businesses in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, have formed a strategic partnership to design a message-based restaurant ordering system enabled through’s integrated chatbot platform. Initially, the text ordering service will be available via text messaging (SMS) and Amazon Alexa, and will soon also include the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger channels.

Inspire Brands Completes Acquisition of Sonic Corp.

Hotel F&B·10 December 2018
Inspire Brands, Inc. (“Inspire”) announced the completion of its $2.3 billion acquisition of Sonic Corp. (“Sonic”) on December 7. With the acquisition of Sonic, Inspire now encompasses more than 8,300 restaurants and generates annual systemwide sales in excess of $12 billion, making it the fifth-largest restaurant company in the United States. In addition to Sonic, Inspire’s restaurant portfolio includes Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Rusty Taco.

Does managerial ownership influence franchising in restaurant companies?

mycloud HOSPITALITY· 8 December 2018
Although the link between managerial ownership and firm performance is often explained in relation to a firm’s risk-taking behavior, little is known about how managerial ownership affects corporate risk-taking in industries characterized by high financial and operational risks, like the restaurant industry.

Get Typsy in US, CaterUp! and Impossible Halal

Modern Restaurant Management· 7 December 2018
Inspire Completes Sonic DealInspire Brands, Inc. completed its $2.3 billion acquisition of Sonic Corp. With the acquisition, Inspire now encompasses more than 8,300 restaurants and generates annual systemwide sales in excess of $12 billion, making it the fifth-largest restaurant company in the United States. In addition to Sonic, Inspire’s restaurant portfolio includes Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Rusty Taco.

A Complete Guide to the 40 Best Rooftop Bars in New York in 2018

Hotel F&B· 7 December 2018
Here you’ll find the best NYC rooftop bars with all the info you need about each place. Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. New York City is arguably one of the best cities in the world when it comes to rooftop bars and terraces. You can find luxurious, relaxed, party going, fancy and cozy rooftop bars in every part of this city. And the skyline view is one of the most iconic you can see. So, which is the best rooftop bar in New York? Just scroll down and find the NYC rooftop bar best suited for you.

Crisis Management Case Study: Fast Food Contaminated With E.coli· 7 December 2018
Though identifying details including names and locations have been changed, the following is a real-life case study based on Bernstein Crisis Management client experiences.

Cooking Up Profits: How a Healthy Supply Chain Can Improve Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk

Modern Restaurant Management· 6 December 2018
According to 2017 figures from the National Restaurant Association, roughly more than one million restaurants across the country ring up $799 billion in sales each year, so it goes without saying that creating a niche helps these establishments stay competitive. But those that are truly able to excel are the organizations that can identify potential trends, lower operating costs and improve customer service in order to meet the rapidly changing needs of diners.However, the odds of success in the restaurant industry are low, with 60 percent failing or changing hands, and as result many are looking to leverage technology in order to compete and remain competitive.

Why Restaurants Must Adopt a Food Safety Culture

Modern Restaurant Management· 6 December 2018
A foodborne illness outbreaks can ruin a restaurant. In addition to the horror of sickening (and even killing) your guests, food poisoning is (obviously) bad for business.

Flash in the Pan: How to Reduce the Risk of Food Service Kitchen Fires

Hospitality Technology Magazine· 6 December 2018
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reveals that roughly 8,000 foodservice businesses report an incident of fire each year, resulting in a total estimated damage cost of more than $246 million averaging $30,750 per foodservice fire.

Flynn Restaurant Group Acquires 368 U.S. Arby's Restaurant Locations from United States Beef Corp.

Hospitality Technology Magazine· 6 December 2018
RB American Group LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flynn Restaurant Group LP, announced that it has acquired 368 Arby’s restaurants throughout the U.S. from United States Beef Corporation (US Beef). Arby’s, the second largest sandwich restaurant brand in the world, is a perfect fit for Flynn Restaurant Group, whose portfolio includes household names like Applebee’s®, Panera Bread® and Taco Bell®. RB American Group will be Flynn Restaurant Group’s fourth prominent restaurant brand.


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