Laid-Off Corp Travel Agents Become Consultants: Will Clients Follow?
Laid-Off Corp Travel Agents Become Consultants: Will Clients Follow? - Travel Services · 2 Jun

If downsizing is a natural correction to the peaks prior to coronavirus, so-called micro agencies are the logical next phase in the travel management

Skift Webinar: MovingData Drives the Future of Travel Advertising - Travel Services · 11 Mar

What does personalization mean in 2020, and what does it look like in a world where customers are becoming increasingly protective of their data? In

New Jersey May Make It Legal to Bet on Esports Events in Bid for Tourism Dollars
New Jersey May Make It Legal to Bet on Esports Events in Bid for Tourism Dollars - Travel Services · 7 Mar

About a billion people worldwide will watch someone else play a video game this year, either online or in person. It makes sense for New Jersey and o

Eventbrite Projections Falter Amid Coronavirus Impact on Events - Travel Services · 5 Mar

Eventbrite reels in 2020 forecasts in light of event cancellations due to coronavirus. Despite performing better than expected in 2019's fourth quart

Travel Advisors Field Cruise Concerns as Coronavirus Outbreak Spreads - Travel Services · 4 Mar

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the cruise industry, with travel advisors caught in the middle as they deal with cancellations and questions fro

Coronavirus Threatens to Take $560 Billion Out of Global Corporate Travel Spending - Travel Services · 28 Feb

A projected shaving of 37 percent off the forecast for 2020 global corporate travel spending is already a worrisome decline, but the figure could sti

Coronavirus Puts Travel Advisors to the Test - Travel Services · 12 Feb

Confusion and fears surrounding the coronavirus are putting travelers on edge and travel advisors in a difficult spot. Travel advisors can present th

Travel Advisors Scramble as Coronavirus Rattles Clients - Travel Services · 6 Feb

As the coronavirus spreads, so are concerns among travelers. Travel advisors are feeling the effects, coping with cancellations, and providing reassu

Virus Outbreak Hits Expanding List of Sports Events - Travel Services · 30 Jan

The Wuhan coronavirus is already wrecking havoc on the preparation of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, thfrom the virus

Travel Advisors Face Challenges as Food Tourism Matures - Travel Services · 8 Jan

The appetite for culinary tourism is growing, sparking demand for experiences beyond cooking classes and dining in Michelin-starred restaurants. Trav

TUI Looks Set for a Challenging 2020 Even Without Competitor Thomas Cook
TUI Looks Set for a Challenging 2020 Even Without Competitor Thomas Cook - Travel Services · 11 Dec

TUI continues to have ambitious plans, and its quest to move away from the traditional tour operating market seems sensible given the problems endure

Travel's Moment of Clarity: Sober Tourism Is a Real Business
Travel's Moment of Clarity: Sober Tourism Is a Real Business - Travel Services · 19 Nov

There have always been travelers who don't drink, but the "sober curious" lifestyle movement has created a defined market of people who are eager for

Travel Managers Express Concerns About Boeing 737 Max Safety - Travel Services · 14 Jun

Travel managers are concerned for the safety of travelers who will be flying Boeing 737 Max series aircraft in the future, and with good reason.

TripActions Goes Direct on Distribution With United - Travel Services · 14 Jun

Going direct with airlines makes sense on many levels for travel management companies, although progress has been slow. And whether travel managers f

Transforming the Luxury English Country Hotel - Travel Services · 5 Jun

Brexit presents something of a challenge to the English luxury country retreat, but many are broadening their offerings to connect with a new generat

Cvent Hitches Up With Wedding Spot to Boost Venue Business - Travel Services · 22 May

Cvent remains committed to bringing new products to its customers through acquisitions. By diving into the U.S. market for weddings, the event tech g

Thomas Cook Tries to Stem the Bleeding After $1.9 Billion Loss - Travel Services · 16 May

Announcing such a big loss is not a good look for any company, but Thomas Cook management will be hoping they've got all of the bad news out at once

Is Co-Working More Than a Gimmick? - Travel Services · 28 Mar

As co-working companies push further into the traditional meetings and events space, some in the hotel business say there's no replacement for the qu

Making Room Service Truly High-End - Travel Services · 6 Mar

Sometimes the best way to succeed is to take a contrarian approach.

How a French Gourmet Food Brand Plans to Succeed in Hotels - Travel Services · 5 Mar

Another example of a luxury brand extending its reach into hospitality is developing out of Paris. But the question is, do we really need another lux

Dining Gets More Expensive for Business Travelers - Travel Services · 7 Feb

Meals and hotel stays are becoming a bigger cost for business travelers. Airfares have dropped, although this doesn't help companies that dispatch th

Vegans Find New Options as Part of Next Wave of Food Tourism - Travel Services · 20 Nov

Tour operators only launch tours that they see demand for, and in Intrepid Travel's case, there's no question that vegan travelers appreciate the att

Luxury Hotels Bring in More Celebrity Chefs in Guest Gigs - Travel Services · 30 Oct

In a day when exclusive access and intimate experiences are heralded over material goods, a meal prepared by world-class chefs in spectacular setting

Priority Pass Parent Expands Further Into Dining - Travel Services · 18 Sep

Collinson Group, the parent company of Priority Pass, made a wise move investing in airport-food-ordering app Grab. There's plenty to improve about t

Innovative Hoteliers Tap Craft Cocktail Culture for Luxury Guests - Travel Services · 11 Sep

Craft cocktail culture is based on the same principles driving change in the luxury hosconsumers' desires for best-quality ingredients, a curated sen