We have to stop marketing junk food to children

Hospitality Times · 14 May

Imagine being able to walk into a grocery store with your children and not have to fend off endless demands to buy kid-branded food products because

UK's first cannabis restaurant raided by police

Hospitality Times · 10 May

The UK's first cannabis restaurant was one of three addresses raided by police in Brighton today - but the owners insist the "significant quantity of

Airlines urged to offer vegan meal choices

Hospitality Times · 1 May

Campaigners are urging airlines to offer vegan in-flight meals as standard. The Vegan Society and Humane Society International have created a website

Houston's Berg Hospitality Group opens two new Italian concepts this week

Hospitality Times · 30 Apr

When B.B. Italia Kitchen & Bar opens this week, Houston will finally get to taste the Italian restaurant that owner Benjamin Berg had in his mind whe

Bali pushes for greater share of global health tourism

Hospitality Times · 23 Apr

The Bali administration is looking to further develop health tourism with regulations and networks to support the industry. “[Efforts to promote] hea

Training Students With Disabilities for Hospitality Work

Hospitality Times · 15 Apr

The waffle irons are crucial pieces of equipment at Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Chicken & Waffles. Two of the restaurant’s three titular specialti

Can Platforms And Payments Solve Restaurants' 73 Percent Turnover Problem?

Hospitality Times · 9 Apr

Good waiters are hard to find. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they are even harder to keep, as the restaurant worker turnover rate is 7

Lessons in Luxury: why I have mixed feelings about my Bangkok Michelin-star mission

Hospitality Times · 5 Apr

A fixer for the super-rich messaged me recently, saying he had a client who wanted to book a particular three-Michelin-star restaurant on a specific

How Technology Will Impact The Restaurant Industry

Hospitality Times · 26 Mar

Technology surrounds us, impacting every part of our daily lives. From communicating with friends and family to paying for groceries, technology is b

Hotel restaurants - the next boom trend for hospitality technology?
Hotel restaurants - the next boom trend for hospitality technology?

Hospitality Times · 28 Jun

Eating out has never been more popular. It’s no longer a special treat, but an everyday delight. People of all ages are embracing the dining experien