New Trends to Bring to Your Restaurant Before 2020
New Trends to Bring to Your Restaurant Before 2020

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 5 Sep

The year 2020 is coming up fast - will your restaurant be ready? It can be if you get ahead of the curve now on some popular and growing menu trends

The Evolving Country Club - What Menu Items Are Members Seeking?
The Evolving Country Club - What Menu Items Are Members Seeking?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 28 Aug

If you want to retain and grow country club memberships, you need to adapt your offerings to the tastes of younger people while keeping older current

Tactics to Reduce the High Employee Turnover in Your Restaurant
Tactics to Reduce the High Employee Turnover in Your Restaurant

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 12 Aug

Turnover is a fact of life in the restaurant industry, and one of its biggest challenges. But there are measures you can take to increase the chance

Meatless Burgers: How This Summer Past Time Is Quickly Changing
Meatless Burgers: How This Summer Past Time Is Quickly Changing

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 15 Jul

As a restaurant manager, you're well aware that diners are increasingly demanding vegan and vegetarian options, both at home and when dining out. Qua

Craft Beer Pairings and Your Best Appetizers - a Formula for Success

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 5 Jun

The growth of the craft beer trend shows no signs of slowing. This presents an opportunity for bars and restaurants to pair these popular beers with

Virtual Restaurants - What Are They and When Can We Expect Them?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 13 May

Virtual restaurants? Now what are we being expected to keep up with? When you’re operating a restaurant – trying to keep and attract diners, keep foo

Digital Restaurant Orders Increased 23 Percent Last Year - How Can You Take Advantage?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 8 Apr

Increasingly, consumers are turning to technology to take care of basic daily tasks. If you want your restaurant to be part of this technological rev

Taking Health at Your Hotel to the Next Level

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 13 Feb

Travel has changed over the years – or at least travelers have. Where road warriors were once happy to leave their fitness routines behind – or at be

Small Restaurant or Large Chain - There Are Benefits You Can Provide to Land the Best Job Candidates

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 29 Jan

When you’re looking to add to your restaurant team, you will no doubt face a lot of competition. The labor market continues to be tight, and the most

Is Your Restaurant Using Automation in Every Possible Way to Improve Efficiency?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 11 Dec

As budgets get tighter and the demand for talent grows, restaurants must learn to do more with less. One of the means to achieve this is through the

Comfort Food - How Are You Defining It for Your Customers

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 7 Nov

Diners increasingly look for food that reminds them of home, but without the time and effort it takes to prepare it themselves. Does that mean you ca

Perfect Examples of VIP Experiences to Provide for Your Guests

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 17 Oct

You want to provide each of your hotel or resort guests a memorable experience, but you know that attracting high-end guests means taking it to the n

Getting Back to Dinner at Home - How Are Restaurants Meeting Their Customers' Behaviors

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 26 Sep

Increasingly, consumers are eating dinner at home, either preparing it from scratch, using a meal kit or choosing restaurant takeout or delivery. Tha

Self-Driving Cars for Delivery - Is Your Restaurant Ready?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 27 Jun

Self-driving cars are not yet widespread, but testing is ongoing. Common wisdom is that delivery of packages and food will ramp up much faster than a

All Hospitality Companies Are Fighting for the Same Candidates. How Can You Shorten Your Time-to-Hire?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 7 Jun

In today’s economy, there are more jobs than there are solid candidates. Nowhere is this pinch felt more sharply than in the hospitality industry. Ty

Food Trends to Jump on Right Now

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 22 May

As they say on Project Runway, “One minute you’re in, the next minute you’re out.” That’s just as true for restaurants as it is for design. But when

What Is the Ideal Table Turnover Time to Increase Total Revenue and Tips? How Can You Achieve It?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 10 May

You want diners to relax and enjoy their experience in your restaurant. If they feel at home, they are more likely to become repeat customers. The lo