Can Your Hotel Stand Out in a Sea of Ghost Kitchens?

Larry Mogelonsky · 8 Jul

Pre-pandemic, the operative model for many hotels was to generate core earnings through the rooms division with more-or-less break even or slightly p

How Meeting and Event Venues are Adapting to the New Normal

Larry Mogelonsky · 6 Jul

As the stay-at-home orders subsides and leisure travelerslook to rediscover their own backyards, we cannot forget that numerous hotelsaround the worl

Housekeeping to Take Centerstage in the New Normal
Housekeeping to Take Centerstage in the New Normal

Larry Mogelonsky · 11 Jun

Many predictions have already been made for what hospitalitywill look like after the lockdown is over, but none are clearer than the needfor drastica

In Vino Veritas LXXVIII: By the Glass Strategy

Larry Mogelonsky · 26 May

One of the luxuries of self-isolation is that it has afforded me the chance to drink down my cellar, as well as take the time to converse with a few

Boldly Getting Back To Business

Larry Mogelonsky · 21 May

Like most of you, I am chomping at the bit to get back to work. Ever the optimist, I want to see all of my clients’ properties start to churn their r

Hotel Cleanliness is Now a Theatrical Production

Larry Mogelonsky · 6 May

The travel industry will bounce back, but it will comewith many new challenges as customer behavior and demands are transformed bythe post-coronaviru

Strategic Coronavirus Operational Planning
Strategic Coronavirus Operational Planning

Larry Mogelonsky · 9 Mar

The newsregarding this virus is omnipresent. It has impacted travel throughout theworld, for which nearly every hotel will feel the effect. Stemming

In Search of Hotel Excellence: The Merrion Hotel
In Search of Hotel Excellence: The Merrion Hotel

Larry Mogelonsky · 6 Feb

The Merrion Hotel in Dublin comprises four adjoined-terrace houses originally built around 1760 for wealthy Irish nobility. But nowadays you don't ha

Does Your Hotel Need A Plant-Based Restaurant?
Does Your Hotel Need A Plant-Based Restaurant?

Larry Mogelonsky · 17 Dec

No matter where you stand on the issue of climate change, the one undeniable aspect of this movement is that it is rapidly gaining awareness across t

The WiFi-Free Hotel Restaurant

Larry Mogelonsky · 12 Sep

This is not about 'free WiFi' but by placing the first word last it turns the concept on its head. The proposed idea here may seem a bit counterintui

Food As A Reason To Visit

Larry Mogelonsky · 20 Aug

Rewind half a century and you'll find that the best hotels always had the best restaurants.

Reporting on the Boston Wine Festival

Larry Mogelonsky · 11 Jun

The Boston Harbour Hotel (BHH) recently completed its 30th anniversary of its annual wine festival - aptly named the Boston Wine Festival - for which

Recapping the Starbucks Roastery Concept

Larry Mogelonsky · 14 Mar

For most, mornings are not complete without a cup or two of your favorite joe. When Howard Shultz, Starbucks’s former and long-running CEO, claimed t

In Vino Veritas Part LXIX - Designing the Perfect Wine Tasting

Larry Mogelonsky · 15 Nov

As we continue our descent into the current experiential age, to drive revenues restaurateurs must look to imbue all meal orders with an air of self-

In Vino Veritas LXVIII: Elevating the Mixologist

Larry Mogelonsky · 20 Sep

The modern guest craves great restaurants as a part of his or her hotel experience, so much so that the F&B department’s prestige is becoming a criti

No One Eats The Same Way

Larry Mogelonsky · 10 Sep

In my youth, my parents would take me to Joe’s Steakhouse in Montreal where we would eat massive rib steaks on wooden cutting boards with copious amo

Making Juice An Evening Occasion

Larry Mogelonsky · 28 Aug

While the hospitality industry continues to battle disruption on the technology front, foodservice is also experiencing a profound transition. Namely

Tackling a Kitchen Closure at the Falcon Hotel

Larry Mogelonsky · 16 Aug

Located on the Cornwall coast of England in the picturesque port of Bude is the quaint, 32-room Falcon Hotel which includes a single three-bedroom, s