Oyo's Post-Coronavirus Valuation Could Fall to Around $6 Billion

skift.com - Hotels · 4 Mar

Numerous travel companies, private and public, have seen their valuations taken down a peg by coronavirus. But Oyo's China business, where it fields

Spanish Hotel Group Melia Warns of Coronavirus Hit to Chinese Business

skift.com - Hotels · 27 Feb

Another hotel chain cautions on the coronavirus impact. While it is mostly hurting Asian operations at the moment, companies are no doubt keeping a c

Abandoned Hong Kong Hotels Go Into Survival Mode as Virus Fallout Spreads

skift.com - Hotels · 25 Feb

As hotel occupancy plunges to a single digit, Hong Kong's leadership toward one of its most important industries is being put to the test during the

Canary Islands Hotel Quarantines 1,000 Guests Amid Coronavirus Fears

skift.com - Hotels · 25 Feb

As the coronavirus spreads across Europe, expect more hotels to enter lockdown mode and some airports to begin shutting down flights to afflicted reg

Hyatt's China Business Is Down 90 Percent in February From Coronavirus Fallout

skift.com - Hotels · 20 Feb

Hyatt Hotels had a strong year in 2019, so the story it had to tell on Thursday wasn't all dreary. The problem is that shareholders and guests hate u

Oyo CEO Defends Business Practices That Anger Some Hoteliers

skift.com - Hotels · 19 Feb

If you were thinking after a tumultuous last few months that a reformed Oyo would emerge, then guess again. The hotel chain is giving little ground o

Hilton Predicts Ongoing Impact From Coronavirus and 9 Other Top Hospitality Stories This Week

skift.com - Hotels · 15 Feb

This week in hospitality news, the far-reaching impact of coronavirus on the industry is becoming clearer, with Hilton CEO predicting business to be

Wyndham's China Coronavirus Woes: 70 Percent of Hotels Closed

skift.com - Hotels · 13 Feb

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts has closed about 1,000 of its hotels in China because of coronavirus. Those that remain are welcoming fewer guests. The ou

Hilton CEO Says Business Could Be Impacted for Up to a Year From Coronavirus

skift.com - Hotels · 11 Feb

Hilton and many other major hotel companies have had to close hundreds of hotels in China in response to the coronavirus. The outbreak could have lon

Europe's Meininger Hotels Mulls Going Public: Report

skift.com - Hotels · 10 Feb

After months of problems, Mumbai-headquartered Cox & Kings is now undergoing insolvency proceedings in India. Will Meininger, its hybrid hotel chain,

U.S. Hotel Expansion Threatened by Construction Worker Shortages

skift.com - Hotels · 18 Dec

U.S. hotel companies are facing a shortage of construction workers just as they are building new brands and properties. The result: delayed projects

What Nobu Hotels Sees in the Ascendant Luxury Market in Warsaw

skift.com - Hotels · 16 Dec

Nobu Hotels is testing out its restaurant-led hospitality strategy in a market where its luxury cachet is less established. Both Warsaw locals and No

Minor International Will Get New Group CEO as Founder Bill Heinecke Plans Succession

skift.com - Hotels · 1 Dec

Dillip Rajakarier's biggest achievement is lasting a dozen years with the hugely-driven Bill Heinecke, who was once known for short-tenured CEOs. Raj

Hotels Experiment With Reducing Food Waste: Will All-You-Can Eat Buffets Be History?

skift.com - Hotels · 28 Nov

Hotels are known for wanting to please their guests, and feeding them is one way of doing it. But food waste is helping to deteriorate the environmen

IHG Direct Bookings Tech Play and 11 Other Top Hospitality Stories This Week

skift.com - Hotels · 17 Nov

This week in hospitality, IHG is taking a tougher approach with online agencies by using new technologies to gain traction for its mobile app and web

Marriott CEO Sorenson Offers Update on Cancer Treatment

skift.com - Hotels · 5 Nov

Marriott keeps growing despite a drop in earnings this quarter. CEO Arne Sorenson is optimistic, even as he prepares for surgery to treat his pancrea

What Luxe Hospitality Can Learn About Engaging the Senses From a Live-Fire Chef

skift.com - Hotels · 5 Nov

The state of luxury is evolving and morphing. And the commonality of those who are forging resonant experiences is that they are looking outside of s

Hyatt Taps Danny Meyer to Help With Food and Beverage for New Brand Caption

skift.com - Hotels · 25 Sep

Most hotel operators will say that food and beverage can be a money loser for brands, but offering some version of it remains an essential part of th

Winning the War for Talent: 5 Ways Hospitality Brands Can Attract and Keep Great Employees

skift.com - Hotels · 5 Sep

The hospitality industry in particular has struggled with recruiting and retaining workers over the last few years, as unemployment rates have droppe

Hotels Are Reviving Nightclubs to Boost Visibility

skift.com - Hotels · 21 Jun

The nightlife industry has long been riddled with fly-by-night club closures and seedy venues. Now a handful of powerful hoteliers are changing that

Goldman Is in Talks to Buy B&B Hotels for $2.2 Billion

skift.com - Hotels · 20 May

PAI Partners has been attempting to offload the budget hotel brand for some time, having bought the French hotelier in 2016.

Taco Bell Will Open a Boutique Hotel This Summer

skift.com - Hotels · 16 May

There is little doubt that a limited-time hotel offering will attract the fast food chain'sand result in some extra revenue for the company.

Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

skift.com - Hotels · 3 May

Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson was diagnosed on Wednesday with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. The 60-year-old executive will remain in his role while he unde

A Sunscreen-Spraying Startup Is Driving Cocktail Sales at Hotel Pools

skift.com - Hotels · 22 Jul

Honestly, following our annual Skift retreat in Puerto Rico, we certainly wish we had one of these contraptions at our hotel, too.