7 Food Trends for 2019 to Incorporate in Your Events
7 Food Trends for 2019 to Incorporate in Your Events

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 5 Jun

Kale, bacon, macarons, and avocado toast. What do these four foods have in common? They were once at the top of the food trends list. This year, ther

How CHG Healthcare Uses Event Technology to Put People First
How CHG Healthcare Uses Event Technology to Put People First

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 22 May

As one of the largest healthcare staffing providers in the U.S., CHG Healthcare works to put people first. Manager of Corporate Events Annie Gingrich

The Art of Gathering With Sheraton
The Art of Gathering With Sheraton

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 17 May

When comparing endless options for event spaces, it can be challenging to determine which venue will provide the most memorable shared experience for

Meet, Eat, and Retreat in New Bern, North Carolina

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 8 Apr

Cradled in the convergence of the Neuse and Trent rivers is the small city of New Bern, North Carolina, which seems untouched by time. The locals mea

Dietary Restrictions, Food Allergies, and Your Events

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 12 Mar

Event planners have to know everything. They create events that include location, food, content and all of these factors can work for the event or ag

Enjoy Bespoke Private Dining Experiences

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 13 Dec

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire is proud to present the very finest in private dining experiences in the heart of London’s West End.

Bar Basics: Host vs Open Bars

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 2 Oct

In the event world, questions get thrown at us and sometimes we don’t know the answer right away. One question you might get asked is what type of ba

Budgeting: How to Estimate Coffee Consumption

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 25 Sep

One of the most common conversations you’ll hear in the event planning industry is about coffee consumption. How is my company charged? Per gallon or

Easy Ways to Donate Your Leftover Event Food

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 11 Sep

Almost every event involves food, but have you ever thought about what happens to the leftovers when the event ends? Where does everything go?

How to Pick a Menu Everyone Can Enjoy

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 28 Aug

Events involve a lot of food and that’s not a secret. But how does juggling the menu properly play into the overall event experience?

5 Fun Cocktails to Have at Your Next Event

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 21 Aug

Hosting events gets tricky when you boil down all the details, and as the planner, you have to juggle everything from the keynote speaker to the bar

7 Creative Event Food Displays
7 Creative Event Food Displays

Cvent Hospitality Blog · 7 Aug

Events are all about your attendee's experience and one of the easiest ways to make a lasting impression with them is through food. As the planner yo