Key Strategies to Help Hotels Boost F&B Profit
Key Strategies to Help Hotels Boost F&B Profit — By Adam Hoydysh

Plum · 19 Jun

Hoteliers, now more than ever, must demonstrate their ability to spend money the right way while building out multiple revenue-generating, guest-centric segments across their operational model. Food and beverage programs are often one of the most under-valued hospitality segments which can deliver a great deal of revenue potential — that is, if it's done correctly. According to speakers on an F&B panel at The 2017 Lodging Conference, hoteliers who are doing F&B best know how to combine trends with experiences to yield high-margin operations. Over the last few years, industry experts have predicted that traditional hotel food and beverage is on its way out. While most hotels still offer room service, food and beverage programs are now expected to evolve in tandem with modern guest expectations. Costly room service and mini-bars are — in the eyes of many — now an antiquated format, destined to be replaced by new, more progressive F&B concepts and personalized, guest-driven options. U.S. hotel food-and-beverage revenue per occupied room (F&B RevPOR) increased by 2.7% in 2018, according to total-year data from STR. However, within that increase, we saw a 4.2% decrease in In-Room Dining RevPOR. Room service, after all, represents a costly expenditure for hotels (often without the expected return) and mini-bars are notorious for lackluster performance and massive operational burden.

Single-Serve, On-Demand Wine for Hotels: The Future is ‘Here’ and ‘Now’
Single-Serve, On-Demand Wine for Hotels: The Future is ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ — By Adam Hoydysh

Plum · 24 Jan

There's no denying it — the modern consumer wants what they want when they want it, and how they want it. We've long since entered the 'Age of the Customer' and, in that same breath, the 'Age of Personalization.' Regardless the product or service, success in 2019 (and we would surmise, beyond) will be largely dependent on a brand's ability to continuously forge personal connections with customers while offering a consistently frictionless and convenient experience. To remain competitive in today's real-time world, brands need to effectively anticipate and deliver personalized, on-demand, timely and inspiring experiences.

The ROI of Exceeding Guest Expectations
The ROI of Exceeding Guest Expectations — By Adam Hoydysh

Plum · 18 Dec

When we speak to modern guest expectations, a number of considerations come to mind. The mobile experience, the self-service model, advanced guest-facing technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and hyper-personalization are just a few of the trends currently redefining the future of travel and hospitality. But as we continue to shift into this age of personalization and rising guest expectations, we arrive at the question — Is there an ROI to exceeding guest expectations?