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  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

  • Primary Club Metrics

    Survey results identify which metrics are most often used to determine performance. By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE; Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA; and Amanda Belarmino

  • Introducing 'Your HFTP': An Updated Online Interface for HFTP Members

    HFTP is excited to announce the newly updated “Your HFTP” online account portal. “Your HFTP” allows you to successfully manage your HFTP membership online. This refreshed online interface looks and feels just like the HFTP website and (better yet) is mobile-responsive.

  • HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Hospitality Guest Registration Cards

    This document offers recommendations for guest information collection on the guest registration card along with consent for use. It can be used as a guideline for loyalty cards, health data, export of data outside of the EU, privacy policies and direct marketing.

The Student Becomes the Teacher: Reverse Mentoring for Millennials

mycloud HOSPITALITY·22 October 2018
“Experience is the best teacher.” Really? The expression may apply to school yard lessons, but definitely not to reverse mentoring. In recent years, leading food & beverage employers have begun realizing the benefits of “mentoring up” – in which high-performing (albeit less-experienced) professionals mentor senior managers or executives.

SevenRooms gets voice tech boost from Amazon Alexa Fund

PhocusWire·22 October 2018
SevenRooms has received investment from Amazon's Alexa fund to develop voice-enabled technology for restaurants. The company, which specializes in front-of-house technology, will use the Alexa Skills Kit to develop a skill enabling restaurants to incorporate voice into day-to-day operations.

Beyond Rooms: Applying Yield Strategies to Hotel F&B Revenue

mycloud HOSPITALITY·22 October 2018
Hotel owners and operators have long used yield management to optimize room revenues. For instance, it's considered smart business for reservations to decline a booking for a one-night stay on Tuesday, even when a room is available, if forecasts indicate that someone else is likely to want that room for Monday through Wednesday.

Le Berceau des Sens: EHL's gastronomic restaurant

EHL Blog·20 October 2018
Part of the prestige of the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne is the excellence of a restaurant open to the public. Following a period of change, Cedric Bourassin has taken over the reins of the cuisines, surrounded by a host of professionals capable of the best.

A chef wears many hats

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 October 2018
When you hear ‘Executive Chef’ the likes of celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood or the renowned Jamie Oliver spring to mind but this title, certainly at hotel level, whilst essential, is a rather unobtrusive, often thankless job that comes with very little celebrity status.

9 Nibble-Worthy Food Tours

mycloud HOSPITALITY·18 October 2018
If the way to your group member’s hearts is through their stomachs, they’ll fall in love with these nine cities. These delicious places offer tours to taste the town.

Why Restaurant Systems Fail

The Restaurant Expert·18 October 2018
I meet so many restaurant owners who really want to make systems work in their restaurant, yet I see failure with systems all the time. So, how can a restaurant systems guy admit that sometimes restaurant systems fail? Because I know why restaurant systems fail and it has nothing to do with the systems.

Premier Inn Owner Whitbread Under Pressure From Short Sellers

mycloud HOSPITALITY·17 October 2018
With the sale of Costa Coffee to Coca-Cola moving ahead, the focus shifts to Whitbread's Premier Inn brand. Investors will want to know exactly what it plans to do with the $4.4 billion the disposal will raise.

Brand kAAKAO wants a change in EU legislation

mycloud HOSPITALITY·17 October 2018
kAAKAO has revolutionised the art of chocolate making with chocolate sweetened with dates that is suitable for vegans, people with allergies, intolerances, and diabetics – one 40g bar of kAAKAO contains as little naturally occurring sugar as one medium sized green apple.

What Does a Restaurant Coach Do?

The Restaurant Expert·15 October 2018
What does a restaurant coach do? What’s the difference between a restaurant coach and a restaurant consultant? To me, the distinction is simple.

The Trick to Aging Legendary Kentucky Bourbon, Plus Recipes

mycloud HOSPITALITY·14 October 2018
In Kentucky, where 95 percent of the world’s bourbon is produced, there’s almost as much interest in the process as there is in the finished product. Almost.

Restaurants begin recovery following Hurricane Michael

mycloud HOSPITALITY·11 October 2018
The strongest hurricane to hit the United States in a century, Michael damaged many homes and businesses. In Georgia alone, about 1,500 restaurants were affected.

4 Things to Consider when Selecting Your Restaurant Reservation System

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·11 October 2018
For restaurants, your reservation system is perhaps the single most important piece of technology at your property. It’s the operational system, the heart beat of your entire front-of-house operation. That’s why it’s important to understand the differences between reservation systems and how those differences may impact your bottom line.

3 Unique Event Venues for Foodies in San Francisco

mycloud HOSPITALITY·11 October 2018
Planners looking for somewhere new to eat in the San Francisco Bay Area need look no further. That is, if a historic organic ranch amid the oyster beds of West Marin, a Sausalito houseboat dinner event themed to Eastern European food and music and a tasty demonstration kitchen ready for hands-on cooking demos and team-building events in San Francisco’s North Beach will do.

Is Paper Cost Part of Recipe Cost

The Restaurant Expert·11 October 2018
Paper cost is a real restaurant cost. Have you ever wondered if the cost of your paper products belong in a recipe costing card? After all, if it could be part of the recipe and its presentation, shouldn’t it? First, I get asked this question all the time, especially when I’m teaching a session on recipe costing cards.

Raffles Singapore unveils its restaurants

mycloud HOSPITALITY·11 October 2018
Singapore’s iconic hotel, Raffles Singapore has a host of new dining experiences. BBR by Alain Ducasse continues to evolve. The unique concept takes diners on a culinary journey along the Mediterranean coast, complemented by a modern and vibrant ambience. In true Bar & Billiard Room fashion, dining at the restaurant will also be accompanied by a lively bar scene that is fun, relaxed and perfect for social gatherings.

Restaurants brace for impact as Michael makes landfall

mycloud HOSPITALITY·10 October 2018
Hurricane Michael has begun lashing the Gulf Coast, battering the Florida Panhandle with torrential rains and 145-mile-per-hour winds.

New fair work schedule laws raise table stakes for restaurateurs, are you still in the game?

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 9 October 2018
A wave of new legislation is sweeping across the United States regulating restaurant scheduling practices and introducing hefty fines for violations. From New York City to San Francisco and municipalities in between, these new fair work schedule laws are forcing restaurants to crack down on when and how they schedule staff–and enforcing legal accountability.

Find resources to prepare for Hurricane Michael

mycloud HOSPITALITY· 9 October 2018
Residents, restaurateurs and other business operators on Florida’s Gulf Coast are bracing for Hurricane Michael, currently a Category 2 storm in the Gulf of Mexico expected to make landfall in the Florida Panhandle Wednesday.

3 Planner Lessons from a Dinner on a Bridge

mycloud HOSPITALITY· 8 October 2018
On a sunny evening in September, Visit Sacramento shut down the bridge over the California capital’s namesake river for a very special event—the sixth-annual Tower Bridge Dinner—a locally sourced foodie adventure for 800 people to cap a week of celebrating the bounty of the agricultural area. The city, which bills itself as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, embraced its roots by capitalizing on what it does best—culinary, community and charity excellence. What can event planners learn from a national celebration and local fundraiser marked by two parallel, flower-strewn tables running down the center of a 737-foot bridge that connects Yolo and Sacramento counties? A lot.

Exploring hotel food and beverage: A look at the burning issues

SiteMinder Blog· 8 October 2018
Food and beverage services in the hotel and hospitality industries have long been a target for protesters of waste and energy consumption. Recent statistics seem to confirm these concerns. Let’s follow the story through this insightful infographic.

This One Instagram Template Is All You Need

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 8 October 2018
One of the hardest things about any task is having to start from scratch. Which is why we made you an Instagram template to jumpstart your restaurant marketing. You have enough going on with your daily operations. Leverage our guide to see (and copy) what leaders in the hospitality space are doing to succeed on instagram.

Sunshine After Flames: Napa and Sonoma Stand Strong One Year After Massive Fires

mycloud HOSPITALITY· 8 October 2018
October marks the one-year anniversary of destructive fires that burned through Napa-Sonoma wine country. What began as an ordinary day in the counties on Oct. 8, 2017, turned into an inferno when winds picked up that night. Visitors, residents and business owners were sent fleeing for safety with only the shirts on their backs. Smoke filled the air, making it seem as if an Armageddon-like doom was looming.

Pay Transparency: Good for Business, Great for Executive Food & Beverage Recruiting

mycloud HOSPITALITY· 8 October 2018
Keeping salary discussions “hush hush” until you’re ready to make an offer? Discouraging your employees from discussing salary with one another?

Don't Mix Labor Cost Controls and Food Cost Controls

The Restaurant Expert· 4 October 2018
Labor cost controls are an essential part of a healthy profit margin for your restaurant. To do this, have you ever heard that you should put labor cost into your recipe costing card? Do you add labor cost to your recipe costing cards? Watch this video for a different approach to labor cost controls and why it is better for your restaurant.

A New Revenue Source for Restaurants - Co-Working

mycloud HOSPITALITY· 4 October 2018
Have you heard about the rise of co-working in the business world? Co-working spaces are useful when someone needs an off-site space where they can focus or for freelancers who either want a break from working at home or are interested in the resources and comradery a co-working space can offer.


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