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  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

  • Primary Club Metrics

    Survey results identify which metrics are most often used to determine performance. By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE; Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA; and Amanda Belarmino

  • Introducing 'Your HFTP': An Updated Online Interface for HFTP Members

    HFTP is excited to announce the newly updated “Your HFTP” online account portal. “Your HFTP” allows you to successfully manage your HFTP membership online. This refreshed online interface looks and feels just like the HFTP website and (better yet) is mobile-responsive.

Three Ways to Create a Local Marketing Strategy for your Hotel Restaurant

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·14 February 2019
Hotels continue to invest in their F&B programs to help differentiate their brands and appeal to travelers seeking authentic cultural experiences. However, your F&B outlets don’t exist just for your guests. There’s a large audience in every market to fill your restaurants’ seats that often goes untapped - LOCALS.

What Is Eatertainment? Hear It From The Experts

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 7 February 2019
Here’s the definition of eatertainment: a guest experience that involves food and/or beverage dining before, after, or during other activities.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Restaurant

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·31 January 2019
When working to promote your restaurant, social media marketing should be at the top of the list. In fact, a robust social media marketing strategy can be the difference between a line out the door with a full reservation book, and an empty room.

13 Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas to Woo and Win Guests

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·23 January 2019
Consumers in the U.S. alone spend $3.7 billion dollars on dining out on Valentine’s Day.

Mobile Payments: The Top Restaurant Tech Trend for 2019

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·16 January 2019
From Artificial Intelligence to Big Data, there are endless tech buzzwords being used to describe the latest restaurant tech. While those are certainly noteworthy emerging technologies and trends, we want to focus on a tech trend that is well within reach for you to easily implement in your restaurant.

What Is Hospitality? What It Is And What It Looks Like

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 3 January 2019
When you ask yourself “What is hospitality?,” it’s an easy answer to explain examples of the good or bad. Good: when you arrive to a restaurant and are quickly seated, can order your meal as soon as you’re ready, and the food and ambiance are ones that make you want to come back. Bad: long wait to sit, rude waitstaff, delayed meals, bad food.

How to Draw a Crowd in 2019: 6 Social Events to Host at Your Restaurant or Bar

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·27 December 2018
Hosting a fun, experiential event is proven to drive loyalty – especially with millennials. According to Accenture research, 57% of millennials are more loyal to businesses that provide exclusive events (and they’re willing to spend more to attend, too).

How to Effectively Manage and Train Generations XYZ At Your Restaurant

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·19 December 2018
Did you know that the average restaurant worker is just 29 years old? As new workers from generation Z join the workplace and millenials (Gen Y) mature and grow into management positions, it’s important for restaurant leaders to understand how to effectively manage workers from different generations to streamline operations and ensure staff have great working experiences.

5 Powerful Features For Effective Restaurant Management Systems

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 5 December 2018
When you hear the phrase “restaurant management system,” your head might start spinning. We all know you can’t have just one. From front-of-house to back-of-house, you’re going to need several systems to run an efficient restaurant operation.

How Restaurant Reservation Wars Impact Your Dining Experience

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·28 November 2018
As diners, we have endless possibilities when choosing where to book a restaurant reservation. From discovering new restaurants on third-party booking apps or booking a reservation directly on your favorite restaurant’s website, most of us don’t think how we book will have an impact on the dining experience itself. But, it definitely does.

What is a Restaurant CRM and How Can It Help Boost Your Restaurant's Profits?

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·15 November 2018
A Restaurant CRM system is like a guest database on steroids. It can help you effectively manage the critical guest data that makes personalized service and marketing possible. It's that personalized and relevant touch that makes guests feel special and brings them back for more.

Restaurant Floor Plan: How To Make Yours Work For You

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 6 November 2018
When you first outline a restaurant floor plan, you’re focused on optimizing your operations based on the way you set up your tables.

10 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Restaurant POS System

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 1 November 2018
A restaurant POS system is the cornerstone of a business’ entire operation. For those who aren’t familiar with them, POS stands for point of sale and it’s the system that a bar or restaurant (or any retailer, for that matter) uses to process payments for goods or services. In the bar and restaurant industry, a POS is the system that servers and bartenders use to swipe cards and track cash payments for drinks and meals.

Holiday Promotions: How to Make More Money At Your Restaurant

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·23 October 2018
Holiday promotions give restaurants an opportunity to capitalize on a spending trend every year. But it’s one thing to recognize an opportunity, and another entirely to capitalize on it.

4 Things to Consider when Selecting Your Restaurant Reservation System

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·11 October 2018
For restaurants, your reservation system is perhaps the single most important piece of technology at your property. It’s the operational system, the heart beat of your entire front-of-house operation. That’s why it’s important to understand the differences between reservation systems and how those differences may impact your bottom line.

New fair work schedule laws raise table stakes for restaurateurs, are you still in the game?

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 9 October 2018
A wave of new legislation is sweeping across the United States regulating restaurant scheduling practices and introducing hefty fines for violations. From New York City to San Francisco and municipalities in between, these new fair work schedule laws are forcing restaurants to crack down on when and how they schedule staff–and enforcing legal accountability.

The Future Is Here. Now, Your Guests Can Book Right On Google.

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 9 October 2018
Your guests are googling for “reservations" at your restaurant, and they want to book them fast. The popularity of googling the phrase “reservations nyc” has been on the rise over the past ten years.

This One Instagram Template Is All You Need

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 8 October 2018
One of the hardest things about any task is having to start from scratch. Which is why we made you an Instagram template to jumpstart your restaurant marketing. You have enough going on with your daily operations. Leverage our guide to see (and copy) what leaders in the hospitality space are doing to succeed on instagram.

Viral Marketing Tips for Restaurants: How to Step Up Your Wow Factor

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·26 September 2018
Not exactly breaking news, but there’s now an all out obsession with posting photos of food on social media. This behavior is second nature for millennials and Gen Z. They are shopping for groceries less and spend more time eating out. These young people are unwittingly becoming advertising and branding juggernauts.

Introducing Mobile 4.0: Seven Features To Save Time Every Day

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·19 September 2018
The past few months at SevenRooms, we've been focused on taking a giant leap for 7Rkind toward parity between desktop and mobile. Which is why we're ready to announce the following mobile updates for customers to access today.

Top Social Media Tips To Keep Guests Coming Back to Your Hotel

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·12 September 2018
The way hotel brands interact with guests is changing. “New and older brands are making moves to do away with the beige, interact via apps, double as co-working and social spaces, and score shareable selfie love along the way,” according to The Washington Post.

Diners of the Future: Powering Personalization at Scale

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 4 September 2018
Consumers of today expect technology to enhance, not hinder, their daily lives, and dining out is no different. In fact, over the last decade, guest expectations at restaurants have only risen. But what does that mean for the operators of today?

3 Steps to Market Your Private Dining Using Data

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·15 August 2018
More than 80% of restaurants are using technology to help them run their business. But are they really getting the most out of the tools they use?

4 Keys to the Best Restaurant Websites

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 9 August 2018
The best restaurant websites understand that their online presence is crucial to their success. If you’re reading this post, you do too. Your website is where your business lives online, which is where consumers spend the majority of their time.

5 NYC Restaurant Regulations That You Need to Know

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·30 July 2018
NYC restaurant laws are much less straightforward than the clear growth of income in the U.S. over the past two decades.

How to Drive More Direct Reservations: Restaurant Marketing Tips for Groups

SevenRooms F&B Blog ·25 July 2018
Consider this: A guest is on your restaurant’s marketing website. She’s been told by a coworker about this great place called [your restaurant]. After browsing the menu, she’s ready to book a reservation. But, it’s not that easy — because you don’t have availability. When she gets an error notification, she leaves your site to search for a new restaurant.


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