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  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

  • Primary Club Metrics

    Survey results identify which metrics are most often used to determine performance. By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE; Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA; and Amanda Belarmino

  • Introducing 'Your HFTP': An Updated Online Interface for HFTP Members

    HFTP is excited to announce the newly updated “Your HFTP” online account portal. “Your HFTP” allows you to successfully manage your HFTP membership online. This refreshed online interface looks and feels just like the HFTP website and (better yet) is mobile-responsive.

Hotel Guest Injuries: Managing the Seen and Unseen Risks

Hotel Business Review by·22 April 2019
If I asked you to name the biggest risk exposure your hotel faces, you'd likely answer the threat of a slip-or-fall claim. And by volume, you'd be right. But what if I asked you to name the top uncovered exposure for a United States hotel? The answer would likely surprise you.

On the Edge: How Hybrid IT is Enhancing Hotel Services

Hotel Business Review by·22 April 2019
In the quest to put the customer first – the hallmark of hospitality – many hotel chains have begun to reevaluate their approach to IT. The advancement of cloud services, the Internet of Things (IoT) and enhanced mobile connectivity have created new possibilities for improving the guest experience, and many are seeking to capitalize on these innovations. For the most part, this means moving away from traditional, centralized IT and instead implementing a hybrid IT system to drive streamlined services to customers.

Harassment: A 5 Step Plan for Hotel Managers

Hotel Business Review by·15 April 2019
Hotel owners and operators place great trust in their managers because managers are in the trenches everyday fielding guest complaints, overseeing operations, and supervising employees. Because of this role, managers are often in the best position to both prevent harassment in the workplace from occurring and also to prevent a harassment lawsuit.

The Future of Hospitality Work: Three Questions for Industry Leaders

Hotel Business Review by·15 April 2019
This past November, an article was published in HR Executive Magazine online that discussed how the future of work (FoW) has become top of mind for leaders who are wrestling with how to best prepare their organizations for a future that is getting more and more difficult to predict. This article described the FoW as the "realization that dizzying advances in technology, coupled with significant changes in workforce demographics and required skill sets, necessitates a widespread overhaul not only of our organizations, but of the very definition of work itself".

Amazon's Influence on Northern Virginia's Loding Market

Hotel Business Review by·15 April 2019
In 2018, Amazon revealed two locations for HQ2-Long Island City, New York, and Crystal City, Virginia. Among the anticipated benefits of HQ2 is an influx of new hotel demand. This article examines the potential impact on northern Virginia's lodging market.

Guest Service: Setting the Bar to be Better Every Day

Hotel Business Review by· 8 April 2019
In my role as a hotel general manager and when serving in hospitality sales and marketing, I have had the opportunity to interview hundreds of job candidates for a range of positions. Throughout my 28 years in the hospitality industry, I have found that just as the dialogue during the job interview is very important, so is the body language of the potential new hire.

Thoughts on Hotel Worker Safety and the Role of Technology

Hotel Business Review by· 8 April 2019
As a people business, among the first priorities for hospitality organizations is to ensure the safety of guests and the people who care for them.

Great Hotels Rely On Great Communications!

Hotel Business Review by· 1 April 2019
Can you hear me? More importantly, do you understand me? Also, am I truly listening to what you have to say? Each of us in hospitality must be skilled at all forms of communications, the formal and the informal; directly speaking with someone (Remember that?), as well as the myriad forms of modern electronic communications, from texting and emails and postings on web sites to multimedia presentations.

Responding to Change and Guest Expectations

Hotel Business Review by·24 March 2019
Hospitality is changing more rapidly now than ever before. Although some is driven by the technological advances that enable us to streamline operations and provide better consumer experiences, most has to do with major shifts in consumer tastes and expectations. This constantly evolving baseline is, for the foreseeable future, the new norm.

New Trend: Roadside Motels are Back and Thriving

Hotel Business Review by·24 March 2019
This past year I fulfilled one of my long-term goals. No, it wasn't getting to the gym, which is a goal I renew every year but ignore. This one was something I haven't merely let slip by each January, but one that I haven't had the opportunity to make happen. Until now.

Why Disaster Resilience is Important to Your Hotel Organization

Hotel Business Review by·24 March 2019
The global tourism is on the rise, and with these gains come increased people exposed to local and global vulnerabilities. No location is isolated from events experienced by others, the system's interdependencies increase as the sector continues to grow (Hall, Prayag, & Amore, 2018). A few examples of interdependencies include disease outbreaks, economic slowdowns, and threats from terrorism (AlBattat & Mat Som, 2014; Chien & Law, 2003).

New Ways to Increase Revenue Besides Heads in Beds

Hotel Business Review by·17 March 2019
The synchronized autonomy within the travel and hospitality industries, along with the tremendous evolution over the last several decades, have created a dynamic mindset among leaders in the industry. While the idea and principles of Revenue Management are still relatively new in the history of hotel and lodging, it is safe to say that in the short time since its inception, we are now at a point where we can differentiate between Revenue Management and Revenue Strategy.

5 Ways to Comply With Efforts to Crack Down On Sexual Harassment in The Hotel Industry

Hotel Business Review by·17 March 2019
Have you ever answered the hotel door in less than publicly appropriate attire in response to that ever familiar knocking call – *knock, knock, knock* "housekeeping"? According to a study in Chicago, 49 percent of housekeepers have been greeted by a guest in his or her birthday suit on at least one occasion, and 58 percent of housekeepers say they have been sexually harassed by a guest.

The Gravity of HR Management Practices in Small/Medium Hotels

Hotel Business Review by·17 March 2019
Human Resource Management (HRM) in a small business can be a vital task leading to success. Specifically in the service sector, service quality depends mostly on the quality of personnel since it is labor intensive and requires face-to-face interaction with customers. For a firm to be successful, effective management of the employees is crucial which depends on a significant extent on human labor.

Rising Capex, Development and Wellness Construction

Hotel Business Review by·10 March 2019
Over the last decade, the spa and wellness sector has faced tremendous growth in the hospitality industry. This evolution has significantly evolved over the last few years. Many hotels and resorts have found it increasingly necessary to adopt new performance models, renovate existing structures, and greatly enhance their food and beverage programs. This has also stimulated innovative property updates to accommodations, public spaces and spa and wellness facilities.

Optimization: The Hotelier's Best Weapon Against an Uncertain Economy and Tight Labor Market

Hotel Business Review by·10 March 2019
The first quarter is already painting an interesting picture for 2019, with promising forecasts for growth in the hospitality industry tempered by the possibility of an economic recession by the end of the year. Here are just a few of the projections and points of view offered by experts that have contributed to this complex outlook.

How to Improve the Guest Experience by Investing in Tech That Saves Power and Money

Hotel Business Review by· 3 March 2019
As smart home technology continues to permeate households across North America, consumers are growing accustomed to automation and voice-activated controls to adjust their interior environment. It's no surprise that consumers are looking more and more for hospitality settings to mirror these conveniences for a top-of-the-line guest experience.

New Hotel Brands: Are There Just Too Many?

Hotel Business Review by· 3 March 2019
No-one can accuse the hotel industry of not listening to its guests. But is there such a thing as listening too well, when you have so many people who all want different things? The multitude of new hotel brands launched over the past 5 years, particularly in the select service and lifestyle sectors, offers such a wide range of experiences that one can't help but wonder whether there are enough guests to match the number of available accommodations.

Maximizing Motivation: How to Get the Most out of Hotel Employees

Hotel Business Review by· 3 March 2019
There is near universal acceptance that having motivated employees is a prerequisite to delivering a positive customer experience. While it is hard to think of any industry where this isn't true, there is probably no environment where it is truer than the hospitality industry. Hospitality is an incredibly high touch experience for guests, who are likely to encounter many employees during their stay, and each of those interactions drives their willingness to return to both that property, and other properties in the portfolio.

Being a Smart Buyer When Purchasing Hotel Technology

Hotel Business Review by·24 February 2019
Technology is significantly impacting nearly every area of hospitality. This includes obvious ones like brand and property web sites; guest reservation and communication systems; revenue management systems; and in-room Internet and entertainment as well as others that are less obvious to the average guest.

A Hospitality Lawyer's Guide to M&A Deals

Hotel Business Review by·24 February 2019
Corporate M&A activity has increased significantly in recent years. In the first nine months of 2018 alone, approximately $3.3 trillion in mergers and acquisitions were announced globally. Although global M&A deal volume fell in Q3, 2018 remains on track to surpass the record-setting $4.1 trillion in M&A activity in 2007.

Hotel Restaurants Should Step Up Their Game to Meet the Needs of Today's Foodie Culture

Hotel Business Review by·24 February 2019
With "foodie culture" being a relatively non-existent term just a decade ago, things were quite simple. Business travelers and tourists alike were content with concierge-recommended establishments, and easily walkable destinations offering straightforward fare. In many cases, hotel guests were satisfied with the traditional, on-site three-meal-a-day option.

What Happens in Vegas... is a Design Laboratory for Global Hospitality Design

Hotel Business Review by·17 February 2019
Dog years. That is a relatively fitting metaphor for describing the life expectancy of most hospitality spaces in Las Vegas – guest rooms, entertainment venues, restaurants – compared to the same types of spaces located on hospitality properties elsewhere.

Including AEDs As Part of Your Five-Star Service

Hotel Business Review by·17 February 2019
When checking into a hotel, guests automatically expect a clean room and smooth check-in process. And many also expect the property to have an automated external defibrillator (AED) on site. In fact, a recent Harris Poll found that 69 percent of Americans believe hotels should have an AED installed.

Examining the Impacts of Positive and Negative Online Hotel Reviews

Hotel Business Review by·17 February 2019
These days, consumers are likely to read online consumer reviews to learn about others' experiences and thoughts regarding a concept of their interest. Consumers were and are exposed to communications from firms (e.g., hotels) in form of promotional materials in different channels. The difference nowadays is that a consumer also has access to communications from real consumers who have tried services promoted by hotels and can attest whether or not a hotel delivered what they had promised or at least their services had been up to scratch.

The Gig Economy: What Hoteliers Need to Know

Hotel Business Review by·10 February 2019
Call it what you will – the gig economy, sharing economy, freelance economy, on-demand economy, platform economy, [fill-in-the-blank] economy – the nuts and bolts of how we go about accessing people and services has changed dramatically in recent years. Want a ride? Grab an Uber. Hungry? DoorDash delivers. Need groceries? Instacart to the rescue. With just a couple of taps on a smart device, our every wish can seemingly be granted.


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